Hey Everyone. My name’s Ryan, the lad on the left, alias Noobage, and this site contains a lot of the stuff I made from Summer ’08 to ’09. I spend a large part of my time modeling in 3DS max. I’m a college student atm, and have no formal training in 3D modelling. I just do it for poops and giggles. A lot of this stuff was made with only one year’s modelling experience behind me, so it’s a little rough around the edges, but I’m still pretty proud of my tanks.

Apart from modelling, I did a bit of testing for AIX 2.0, which was something I was privileged to be a part of. Anyway, I just want to thank Kysterama, Clivewil, and the whole BFSP community as a whole for helping me learn 3d graphic design, those guys rawk. Anyway, this blog probably won’t be updated any time soon, I’m a little busy in college these days…

Hopefully you find something interesting on this blog/portfolio.