Random Comedy Shots

I’m going to post random unfinished screenshots here, because I feel like it. I’ve got a lot of “interesting” stuff in my “scenes” folder, so I might as well share the lols.


A scene I set up to test out my first “decent” weapon, the MP7 (I think that’s what it’s called). If I recall correctly I had crudly modelled “Brain Balls” (A la Futurama) in the same scene, but I didn’t save them 😦

rejected uzis

Imtheheadhunter suggested I model a drum fed Uzi, he thought It’d be cool. Long story short, it wasn’t, I can see why it was never made in real life. The assault rifle version to the left is equally as welll thought up

bent challenger

I accidentally bended my Challenger ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! 11! Oh Noes! !


I was dying to model something, so I came up with most irritating design I could. I basically modelled the Goliath Tank of WWII, stuck on a bucket seat, MG, Grenade Launchers, and 250 pound bomb in the back. The idea is simple: It launches a trail of smoke grenades to cover it’s advance into combat, it harrasses the enemy with it’s MG, and if the enemy returns fire the vehicle likely detonates, killing everyone in a fifteen metre radius. Sound fun?

The version on the right is designed to be twice as irritating: It has six crudely mounted MG’s, and possibly a boombox blaring Crazy Frog at 140 decibels. I’m gonna put twenty of these puppies on Karkland.

The Factory

The Factory is, without doubt, the longest running project I’ve worked on, lasting over four years to date. What is the factory? It’s a five story abandoned maltery in our town, and it’s proving to be a bitch to model.


I’ve been trying to remake the above building in whatever game development tool I was using at the time; Game Maker, Radient Editor, and finally 3DS. I managed to make a top down flash style game in Game Maker, and I was fairly bad at Radient so that didn’t work out.

I’ve been working on it in 3DS Max for a few months now, and things haven’t been…too successful. I’ve modelled several versions, and unfortunatly none are up to par in my opinon.

My first attempt was disasterous. I modelled a stone wall segment and cloned it, hoping I could build a whole factory that way. I probably should have aligned it to a grid. And despite being ugly as hell it had a poly count of 30, 000. Not good.

Version 1

Attempt II wasn’t so bad, perhaps even my best attempt cosmetically. I modelled the basic shape of the factory, then subdivided it with the slice tool and cut out windows and doors. The problem was that it was hard to model the interior with this method, and the poly count soared to over seven thousand poly’s (excluding the 50,000 poly chimney)

Version 2

Attepmt III was also a disaster: I tried to make a cleaner and lower poly version of version II, anf failed on both counts. It turned out misshapen and ugly. With the file name being “Bah” it was never really destined to turn out well.

Version 3

Version IV, the current version, is my favourite. I used a lot of Booleans to add detail, modelled each floor as an individual object, and aligned the walls to a grid, and it makes a big difference. The interior is pretty detailed this time round, especially the first, second and third floors. I’ve added all the steel girders, walkways and staircases that are present in the real building.

Version 5

Unfortunatly, the Boolean tool is acting up on the fourth floor, so progress will either be slowed or stopped altogther, hopefully only the former. The exterior will look a lot better when/ if I put windows in and add a roof, along with another few tricks I have up my sleeve…

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this two year old pic I dug up of my friends acting retarded in the courtyard in front of the building :lol:)